Micronutrients are essential to your diet to help you become strong and healthy. Sometimes you may find that your body is lacking in some nutrients causing numerous health problems. At Decatur Health and Wellness, we offer micronutrient testing services and treatment options so that you can return to being healthy and strong.

What is micronutrient testing?

Micronutrient testing is used to measure different nutrients within your blood. Our test can identify a variety of key nutrients in your white cells, including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids.

Our test allows us to accurately determine whether or not you have any nutritional deficiencies and how they are affecting your health. Serious deficiencies can cause life-threatening illnesses, while smaller differences can make you feel unwell, anxious, or fatigued.

By correcting any imbalances or deficiencies, you rejuvenate and strengthen your immune system and have a greater chance of successfully fighting off infection and illness.

How can I better my micronutrient health?

We encourage our patients to take a proactive approach to their own health and wellness. Living a healthy lifestyle encourages a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, healthy practices of stress management, and good sleep habits.

Everyone’s body is unique, micronutrient testing allows us to customize a treatment plan so that optimum nutrition is possible.

For more information on micronutrient testing and how it can help you, contact our office today at (678) 705-8695.